For the May 2, 2019 General Meeting, please  bring one yard of a solid or "reads as solid" color fabric
The rules for the challenge are:
Red Orange   Yellow   Green Blue    Purple
Fold it – Snip it – Rip it – Drop it – Pass it
Walter D. Ehlers  Event Center Legacy Hall
8150 Knott Avenue
Buena Park, CA 90620
Mailing Address:
Acacia Quilt Guild of Orange County
P. O. Box 6853
Buena Park, CA 90620
Everyone should bring one yard of a primary or secondary color that you love.  The reason that you need to love it is because you will take ½ yard of this piece for
your quilt.  It will be the largest and, therefore, the most dominate piece of your seven-piece collection.  
You will also need a small pair of scissors.
1.    We will form a circle with seven people per circle.
2.    Start by opening up 1 yard of fabric with the selvage edge at the top.
3.    Snip the center of the 1 yard, rip it into two ½ yards.  (Just remember the phrase: Fold it, Snip it, Rip it, Drop it, Pass it.)
4.    Keep one ½ yard (drop it) and pass the other ½ yard to the person on the right.
5.    You will now have a new ½ yard of fabric. Hold it with the longest side up and snip in the center. Rip it, drop one, pass one to your right.
6.    From here on, always hold the fabric in your two hands with the longest side across the top.  Fold it, Snip it, Rip it, Drop it, Pass it.
7.    Repeat until the sixth piece is ripped into about a 4” by 5” rectangle.
8.    Pass the seventh piece and you are done.

You now have seven pieces of fabric measuring approximately:
•       ½ yard ( your original piece)
•       Fat quarter ( 18” by 22”)
•       1 – 11” by 18”
•       1 - 9” by 11”
•       1 – 5 ½" by 9”
•       2 4 ½" by 5 ½"
You are not required to make a quilt from the fabrics you take home with you.  You can make a bag, a hat, a lap top cover, or anything else you feel like making. If
you make a quilt, you may add as many other fabric as you want to add, but all the fabric you receive in the challenge must be represented.  Your quilted item must
be finished by the July meeting and we will vote on 1) the most creative, and 2) the most attractive.  Prizes will be awarded.